Upcoming Rush Events

    July Update: Summer 2020 Rush Events have been cancelled due to Covid-19. We

    are currently working on putting together a rush plan.  Recruitment has been changed to an online format.  More info to come.

    Until then, if you're interested in rushing stop by the house anytime!!

    Rushee's parents are more than welcome, too!


    Dates for summer rush to be announced.


    Alpha Gamma Rho will be holding several Rush functions throughout the summer. The purpose of rush is for us to get to know our recruits and for them to become familar with the brothers and learn about Alpha Gamma Rho. The events that will be held throughout the summer are shown above. 


    We encourage you to fill out our interest form or contact the Recruitment chair below. 


    Nathan Lasater

    Hazel Green, AL




    War Eagle y'all, my name is Nathan Lasater. I have the privilege of serving as Alpha Gamma Rho's Recruitment Chair this year. It has been amazing getting to know all of these awesome guys and watching everyone, including myself, grow through the chapter and become better men. We're so excited for y'all to come up to the house and meet everyone! We're planning of some awesome summer events, so we look foward to seeing y'all there! 





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