New Member Scholarships

  • Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity New Member Scholarship


    Scholarships Description:

    Established by the brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho to recognize any young man preparing for any agriculture or food related career, including Food Science, Biotechnology, Agri-marketing, Environmental and Life Sciences, Building Science, Engineering, and many others. The purpose of these awards is to recognize the leadership and scholarship potential of incoming freshman or transfer students. The recipient of one scholarship will receive one semester of paid living and meal expenses ($3500.00) within the fraternity of Alpha Gamma Rho. Additionally, there will be a second scholarship of paid house expenses ($1000.00) awarded to four other students who also show leadership and scholarship potential. 



    • Pursuing a four-year degree in agriculture or closely related field at Auburn University.
    • Combined high school or community college (transfer) GPA of 3.00 or greater
    • Perferred demonstration of leadership in FFA, 4-H, or other agricultural student organizations.
    • Perferred ablity to exhibit strong leadership skills, have participated in community and organizational service, 
    • Freshman or Junior College transfer student
    • Contingent upon Fraternity membership by the Brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho. 



    •  Potential candidates should provide a current resume and demonstrate proof of enrollment at Auburn University and their current major. 
    • A 400 word double-spaced essay, which addresses the following question: “How Will I Contribute My Leadership Skills Towards the Improvement of Alpha Gamma Rho, Auburn University, and Agriculture.” Must include cover page with name, address, email, and phone number. Candidates name must appear in the top left corner of the header on each page. Page numbers should be centered at the bottom of each page. 
    • Three (3) letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the candidates scholarly and leadership potential. Family members are exempt from providing recommendations. 



    After a candidate has submitted their application, a diverse committee of Active Brothers, Alumni, Chapter Advisors, and Auburn University faculty will review and rank the applications. 


    Candidates will be contacted and will potentually have an interview scheduled at Auburn University. 

    1. Scholarship candidates and their parents will be the guests of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity to two days and one night with hotel and evening meal expenses paid. 
    2. Candidates will arrive the afternoon before their interview and tour Auburn University with representatives of the interview committee.
    3. Interviews will be held the following day for each candidate. 

    One candidate will be selected and offered a bid from Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity. 

    If the selected candidate accepts the bid he will then receive the scholarship for one semester of paid living and meal expenses. 



    The Auburn University Alpha Gamma Rho chapter would like to invite all incoming freshman or freshman interested in rushing in the spring to apply for our $1,000 scholarship. Check out the link below for application details and to register.